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We Understand Your HR Challenges

Based on comprehensive research with numerous HR professionals, these are the top challenges faced in daily operations:

Adapting to
Cultural Differences

92% of HR departments face complexities in harmonising diverse workplace cultures and ensuring smooth cross-cultural interactions.

Compliance with Global Standards

90% of HR departments grapple with aligning local practices to stringent international benchmarks, risking penalties.

Tech Trend

A significant 85% of HR units lack comprehensive resources to stay abreast of and implement new HR tech advancements.

Clarifying the
HR Role

78% of HR teams are challenged by unclear definitions of their strategic roles, affecting operational efficiency.

Building Strong Talent Relations and Retention

92% of HR teams frequently confront obstacles in effectively communicating with potential talent, compounding the issues of acquisition and retention.

What You Can Achieve with Our Programme?

Streamlined Operation Excellence

Sharpens HR communication and collaboration, ensuring efficient workflow and cost-effective operations.

Standards & Compliance Assurance

Elevate your HR department's adherence to international standards, minimizing risk and ensuring global compliance with targeted training programs.

Talent Communication & Retention

Strengthen HR's talent communication to improve retention and recruitment.

Strategic HR

Enabling HR professionals to align HR practices with organizational goals and contribute to overall business success.

Elevate Your HR Department Standards with the SHRM Certification

100% HRDC Claimable

(under the SBL-KHAS Scheme for Professional Certification)

92% of HR leaders prefer to align with organisations that offer SHRM certification, viewing it as a mark of professional excellence.

Why Choose Aisling?

With over 50 years of combined HR experience, Aisling has shaped the HR landscape, evolving with the industry and setting new benchmarks.

The Proof is in the Pudding:

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Collective Years Elevating HR Standards
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Trained Professionals
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Global HR Partners

Aisling's SHRM Certification Journey: Structured, Guided, Personal

Interactive Guidance

Streamline your team's certification path with tailored group consultations and dedicated Q&A support.

Smart Learning Tools

Empower your HR staff with Omnichannel access to a suite of interactive learning tools and resources, enhancing their development anywhere, at any time.

Expert-Led Global Training

Advance your corporate HR capabilities with elite training, fostering both organisational excellence and individual career progression.

High-Touch Practical Training

Practical and theoretical content, ensuring skills taught are directly applicable to your company's environment with regular coaching check-in sessions.

Why Choose Aisling?Aisling’s SHRM Certification Journey Through the Lens of HR Professionals

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